Beauté Minéral Cosmetics

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“Beauté Minéral is a company founded on an obsession – obsession over makeup, skin care and all things beauty related. We love unique, handmade and luxurious products, and that’s what we offer you. Beauté Minéral cosmetics are formulated with all skin types in mind, particularly the sensitive, the breakout-prone, the dry, the oily, or just generally finicky types. We don’t like icky stuff like irritating chemicals or useless things like fillers, so we don’t use any of those in our products. We are all for Pure, Natural, Beauty, and that’s what you will get from Beauté Minéral.

Beauté Minéral’s philosophy is that we should all enjoy the simple, little pleasures of life and have fun with our makeup. We encourage you to indulge yourself a little with our luxurious, handmade cosmetics. Go ahead, show off your natural beauty and loveliness because yes, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!

We believe in treating our face (and body) with great love, care and respect. And we promise to treat yours the same way. We use the finest ingredients available and each product is crafted with great care. It is our goal to create makeup that not only feels and looks natural, but also is as natural as makeup can be.”

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